Why a Four-Day Workweek?

Work will fill the space you give to it. But more hours does not mean better work.

If we worked less, could we actually be more effective and productive overall? Could we be better humans inside and outside of work?

We believe it’s important to challenge assumed practices and explore new ways of working. We are asking companies to rethink work and put team health and well-being first by exploring a four-day workweek.

Four-Day Workweek Benefits

Better work-life balance

Improved productivity

Attract and retain talent

Better team communication

Improved meeting practices

The Facts

Many companies are already doing four-day or reduced-hour workweeks—and the net effects have been positive. These companies are proving it works–both for employees and the business.

Conscious Cultures foster personal growth and result in incredible business outcomes.

Employees want balance. We all want improved health and well-being. We want our companies to figure out how to make work better.


believe four-day week benefits company and employees


wished their company had a four-day week

Bolt’s Experiment

Bolt, the sponsoring company of Conscious Culture, implemented a four-day workweek trial and we’ll be sharing more on their trial, their decision to continue the four-day format through 2022, and more.


of Bolt employees have a better work-life balance


of Bolters feel more efficient with their time